Chinese mysticism is famous for using the representation of color.  Colors appear in the natural world around us and the Chinese have mastered the art of being able to extract the energies of these colors.  Each color has a special meaning and energy associated with it.  For example, when you look at the piece there is a person wearing green and one person wearing red. 
Respectively, these colors stand for vigor and vitality.  It stands for life and rebirth.  Green is the color of spring when plants are lush and in full bloom.  Red is the color the depicts happiness and joy. 

This item is a chinese spiritual reformation and rejuvenation power.  The picture illustrates happiness and joy being instilled into your life, which will in turn become lush and full of blessings.  Note that the spirit of red is offering its gift to the spirit of green.  It clearly depicts the rebirth of a new life cycle, during which you will become enlightened and experience life for what it really is.

This piece promotes spiritual sanctity and will clear your aura of any blockages.  It will also clear your spirit of any blockages that may be preventing you from reaching your full magical capacity!  It is a handy piece to have around and works well with other pieces!! 

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