This bracelet was gifted to a teacher for 25 years of service. She loved it and her years of patience, knowledge and understanding of the minds of many empowered his spirit to energize the piece.

Her daughter got the piece at the time of her death, as she too is a teacher, but she never wears jewelry and it got sold at an estate sale. Jason was at the estate sale and was drawn to the piece, at first he thought he was drawn to it because his sister is an elementary school teacher, but then he felt a strong twist in his stomach that led him to know that there was more to it. 

The piece is very strong in its abilites and powers -- and you will gain the strengths that she precluded as a teacher. You will obtain the strength of: super patience, deflection from others trying to get you off topic, knowledge of how childrens minds function, and the strength of multi-tasking and being able to stay organized and stay on top of the piles of things we always have to do!

**This can be beneficial to anyone... Jason loved the aspect of being able to deflect others when he was talking, as he used to be easily thrown off topic and would forget what he was going to say -- this is a lifesaver for that!

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