The actual investigation that we went to do this weekend was in Princeton NJ. We ended up doing two of them and the other one is posted on my forum. It too is very interesting. You need to have an invite to see it. The only reason that this one is here is in hopes to find a home for the lost children who's souls have been stolen.

We called this investigation the  Evil Doll Maker.

In Princeton NJ there was a man that looked as normal as anyone else. The man was kind to children and oftern helped those that were very poor. He would make dolls almost in his likeness and give them to children. Sometimes along with other toys. He always gave the families food and money to "help" them out.

What was later found was that they were all dying or did die a slow death. Some were found murdered or at least human bones were found near where he lived.

We found out that he was into black magic. After talking to some others they think it could be also voodoo. What ever it is he did it wasn't good. The main goal was to steal the life from those that were young so that he could continue to stay young and alive.

Today I do not know where he is or if he is still alive. What I do know is that he has left a bunch of wandering souls with out homes.

When first called to the house it began as a normal haunting. The people felt that it was a bad spirit or spirits because things would break,fall over and they would feel hands on them many times. The family could not see anything and never had an experience with the paranormal before. This was something new to them. They had tried to pass everything off as just their imaginations but some things just could not be explained away.

I expected it to be a bust before I even got out there as so much can be explained away. If not then when I can't see anything I just figure okay,it's nothing.

We all went out there knowing just what I already told you that they told me. After getting to the house we heard more of the story but had no proof of anything other then I could see all these children coming out of the attic to greet me. All the children were from different families and they all wanted to go home. We had to explain to them that they could not go home and we had to do this is as nice a way as we could. The families that they had were all passed on or we had no way to find them. They were so distraught before we got there as they are little kids that they knew nothing to help us.

 The one little boy and another little girl sat on my lap and in doing so I could see what had happened. I was beyond shock at what I learned. This was much more then a simple haunting. WhatI saw with the children seemed to keep playing in a loop. It was as if I was peering in at what was going on.

The connected visions would show the beggining of the end for them. They met the Doll man and he gave them a toy. Then it showed them turning black in the eyes slowly over time. It was not that they were evil it was that he was stealing the light from their souls. The dolls that he gave them were animated by his evil. He created life through either his use of black magic or voodoo.

The pictures you are seeing are of the children. Each one of them shows that there was something going on with them. Also take a close look at the dolls the children are holding.

You will be getting something with them attached to it so that you can care for them.
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