This piece is incredible for those of you who wish to develop and maintaint that ever elusive long-term relationship. I know, at this point, it almost seems like an impossibility. It's NOT!! Grizzelle helped us make this item and it is well known that Gypsies make some of the best love pieces around!! This piece is called the 12 Guarded Herats, because that's exactly what it entails-- 12 caged in hearts of varying colors. Each heart holds a different characteristic-- or heart-- that will allow you to develop the perfect love!! True love heart-- will allow you to develop real love, not under false pretenses Soul-mate heart-- will allow you to find the “perfect” one for you Longevity Heart-- will help you elongate the love you find Faithful Heart-- will help you find a love that is faithful Steam Sex Heart-- for those “oh, so hot” romps in the sack Love Making Heart-- for a slower, more romantic paced love making Baby-Making Heart-- for sex that will be productivie in reproduction Astral Heart-- will allow you and your lover to continue your love on astral plains Ethereal Heart-- will allow you and your love to connect on a spiritual level Unconditional Heart-- allows for unconditional love without boundaries Eternal Heart-- allows you to love your soul-mate now and in the after life Progressive Heart-- will provide for love that is always progressing and growing stronger
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