To use these you would take your item and hold it and you only need to say the number three times. If your using another spell at the same time you need to wait 3 minutes before doing the other spell. A third spell if applies can also be added but all spells must in some way be related. An example would be if you needed to win a court case you would use that one and you could also combine it with a money spell and a fast wish granting spell. As you can see these would all go together. You can not combine a court case spell with say a love spell.

1 Court case Win

2 Wrongly accused removal

3 revenge deserved,served three times for the learning disabled.

4 Soul mate

5 vampire power

6 conjuring white light

7 angel communication

8 Employment spell ( on this one you must add the persons name if it is for someone other then you after saying the number 3 times)

9 luck in an already established business

10 Luck in starting a new business

11 General financial success

12 Emergency money

13Removal of curses both generational and those just placed

14Conjuring of dark entities

15 Education spell for tests and graduation

16Awakening your hidden abilities

17Awakening prophetic visions

18- Awakening healing ability for yourself and others,done by you.

19- Awakening past life memory

20-Removal of panic attacks ( this one should be repeated whenever needed and eventually they leave for good)

21-Removal of bad habits

22- for dieting and weight loss

23- for weight gain

24- Shines spell of enlightenment

25- VM's spell to enter the underworld

26- astral travel spell ( when you do this one sit or lie down first and then do the spell and begin to relax)

27-Removing psychic blockage

28- meeting your ancestors on the spiritual realm

29- To speak to your passed on family ONLY

30- To speak to the spirits in your home and have them communicate back

31-hypnotic ability for use on others

32- Bi-location to view others

33- To know a lie ( to use this one you can use it in the morning and it will last all day. If you need to know if someone is lying this is a great one! )

34- Shines view of past,present and future ( through his eyes as he see's things)

35- Raviniska's energy she gained through the Holy of Holies ( this is all white light and feels like a total transformation)

36- Cleansing for your items

37-supercharge spell for your items does it to 25 times more

38- Supercharging spell does it to 100 times the power

39- Supercharging spell does it to 1,000 times the power

40- Supercharging spell does it to 10,000 times the power. ( there are different ones because a high number may be to much. Only you can decide that. A word of warning the 10,000 one is only through this item and you need to make sure it is something you want. If you have for example a Crowley item you may want to really think on it. If your using an item of enlightenment again you might want to think on it. I say this because there are many things we are not meant to understand and it could be a mind blower.)

41-Headache removal

41- knee joint pain


43- chronic depression

44- to sell your home

45- to find the perfect home

46-To better your marriage

47- to fix a broken marriage

48- for pure happiness

49-To bring back a lover

50- to gain a lover not a relationship

51- to gain a soul mate

52- to get married

53-Stress relief

54- To remove all types of pain

55-banishing negative energy

56- banishing evil spirits

57-Turning spell

58- werespell

59-Immortality spell

60-Gaining energy from others ( same as vampire drain spell)

61-To summon the angel of death ( know what your doing with this one,it is to cause extreme devestation to another)

62-Flames of Hades revenge spell

63- curse blocking spell

64- protection spell ( covers all evils and ills)

65-Summon a wraith

66- Summon a vampire

67- summon a unicorn

68- summon a arcadian witch

69- Summon an immortal

70- summon a djinn

71-enchant a ring bound forever ( you decide what to enchant it with)

72-Power of Venus spell

73- Power of MArs Spell

74- Power of the moon spell ( you would use this for extensive psychic abilities,emotions and creating love)

75- power of Saturn Spell

76- Power of the sun spell ( this is used for creating and divine meditation ability)

77- communication with the creator

78-Phoenix vampire conjure

79- Rainbow Fairy conjure

80- Love fairy conjure

81- Golden fairy conjure

82- Golen conjure ( you must specify the traits,looks,personality,job and date of death right after saying the spell number. You mUST have a date of death!)

83-Wish granting spell

84- Training of your spirits ( you need to be specific after saying your numer. Example "my leprechaun need to work harder to bring me wealth")

85-removal of grief

86- pet health ( I just used this one on my friends cat. The vet said it only had a 50/50 chance because it ate a staple. It worked fast and the cat is well and will pass the staple when it goes to the bathroom. He was going to need to be cut open to I'm very happy with this one! The cat was Peters cat and he was crying so hard but now him and his mom are happy)

87-Green thumb

88- pSychic suck and transfer of power

89-Enchantment spell for anything

90- beauty spell

91- glamour spell

92-Mind reading spell ( this gives you image and sound of what is going on on anothers mine,you just KNOW what is going on.

93-Writers spell

94- nursing spell

95-small business spell

96- getting a loan spell

97- better job spell

98-attraction spell

99-Infidelity spell

100- great sex spell

101- small penis spell ( this makes it look bigger and feel better)

102-Bigger ta ta spell

103- smaller ta ta spell

104- bigger butt spell

105- smaller butt spell ( God knows I need this one!)

106-Better cooking spell

107-Sexual desire spell

108- orgasm spell for those that can't have them

109- better orgasm spell for those that do

110-Spell of youth in looks,pyshical abilty and mental alertness

111-Conjure cash spell

112-Roman cash spell

113-Teleportation spell

114- witches flying spell

115- confession spell

116-Telekenitic spell

117- dream to reality spell

118- change of DNA spell

119-weather spells

120- illusion spell

121-Reborn body

122- mind rolling

123- Luck in games

124- calling leprechauns

125-The casino hates you because you take the money and run!

126- Hair growth spell

127- thinner hair spell

128- thicker hair spell

129- straight hair spell

130- curly hair spell

131- Model spell

132- martial arts spell

133- acting spell

135- magician knowledge and spells

136- Beauty of the mermaid spell

136- animal communication

137- animal healing

138- curing possession

139- discernment

140- double life spell to make it easier

141-Templar knowledege spell

142- To catch a thief spell

143-Nostrodamus spell of knowledge

144- The Jewish Mystical magic spell

145- Shapeshifting cast spell

146-Mind orgasm spell ( to induce in you or others upon your desire)

147-Aura cleanse

148- Aura change ( this one is to be used after the cleanse. Once you do this you can program your color which in turn will give you those attributes.

149-Mind link to a vampire ( yours or one you get)

150-Remove jealousy

151- better family relations

152- to find your family if adopted


154-opening the door to God ( this is amazing!)

155-For confidence

156-Full voodoo magic

157- full Shaman magic

158- Full Druids magic and healing

159-Full vampire magic minus the loss of soul

160- full dragon magic

161- full djinn magic ( this means you do not have to wait for them)List of spells by number.

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