If the coffin is a rockin', don't come a knockin'

This piece is for the Vampire lover! Discovered in a morgue in Kansas; this piece fell off of a vampire who was ravishing a deceased body. Jack Thorpe, the mortician at Delgroes Funeral Home, was upstairs in the parlor when he heard loud noises coming from the morgue in the basement.

He went downstairs to explore the sounds... he saw a holding coffin in the back corner moving, almost ready to fall off the roller it was locked on for the embalming the next morning.

Jack's heart beated intensely, he thought maybe somehow someone was still alive; he opened the holding coffin with fright to witness a sexual explosion of a man ravishing a cold, stiff body. The man looked over his shoulder, saw Jack let out a fierce moan and vanished.

Jack was horrified and when he went to the dead body he saw bite marks in the neck -- there was no longer a need to drain this body of its blood! It was done ~

He found this piece attached to the lining of the coffin --- this coffin is used when a body is collected, it is cleaned after the body is embalmed and so Jack knew this piece had to have been left by the attacker.

He contacted Haunted Curiosities with the piece --- it indeed belonged to a vampire and holds magnificent powers of sexual desire. You will gain the strength and abilities that the vampire who owned this piece has; although you will need to fill your hunger with sexual release instead of blood.

This piece has been thoroughly tested and enjoyed by many. Vampire knowledgeable testers who were given then chance to use this item said that it is extremely power packed with skills and abilities of the vampire realm!

We have attached this pendant to a sterling silver chain so you can wear it right away. The pendant's stone is thousands of years old as is the power. Here is a little bit of what one of the testers had to say.

With his mind he tied my ankles to unseen pillars. He left my hands free because he wanted to feel me rake my nails down his back as he dug his sharp lips,not fangs into my neck. I knew his penis was going to enter me with such a force that I would no longer be of this earth and merely drifting on a soul journey of passion. I felt the orgasm explode at first deep inside of me and then all over my body. I could not see him but felt not a coldness as expected but a warming sensation. I found my self screaming a name a I did not know,Cadja,Cadja and then he bit my already hard nipples. When I woke he left me with abilities I did not know existed.
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