We got this piece in from Adita a while back and we have been working on perfecting the magic that is held within. As I'm sure you all already know, Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary in a manger in Bethlehem. A portion of Jesus' life a young child has been documented in the Bible. Then, it merely jumps to when Jesus was an adult and he returned to claim is place as heir to the Heavenly throne. Here's the million dollar question... what happened in between. Although there has been heavy speculation and debate as to what Jesus actually did in between being born and saving the world, there hasn't been any clear-cut, defined answers. Wouldn't you like some. Wouldn't you like to know what happened to the only begotten Son of God before he returned to claim his victory? I was extremely excited when we first got this item from Adita, because I know that I'm a person who must have a logical explanation of things that entails a logical progression of events. I mean, I love reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John... but sometimes I feel like their stories leave me hanging... like... you can't just start telling me something, omit a huge chunk of the story and then tell me the ending. It's like walking into a friends house, shouting, "HELLO, GOODBYE" and walking about before they get to say anything. This piece has been sanctified by a spiritual adept who was able to pull through the past life of Jesus Christ. He used knowledge and power that he obtained from the Akashic Records and a cosmological timeline that tells all things. This piece holds the powers to actually go back in time and watch Jesus as he traveled the world in search of knowledge. You will live his life with him through his many travels including his lives in India, Tibet, Persia, and Greece. You will be with him as he entered the pyramids to learn the divination of the Egyptian ancients. You will travel with him and learn magic from wise men from the Orient and also from the West. You will walk with him as he learns from the Chinese Master Mencius. You will gain the insight into knowledge by initiation into the Council of the Seven Sages of the World. Each Sage will bring you a different power. You will also be able to witness and experience the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ with this piece. All in all in holds the energy and life cycle of Jesus Christ, with an emphasis on the gaps as it previously existed. With this piece, the whole picture of Christ will be painted perfectly and you will receive a whole blessing of the full white powers of Christ.
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