2 Nuts in a Shell

2 Nuts in a Shell

Like 2 peas in a pod, this piece was designed to embrace the connection of passion for those who understand the world of occult magic and the paranormal. We often have time finding a close friend to connect with who understands our stance and experiences.

Many customers have noted that they feel alone in their endeavors and become good friends of ours! We love having a close connection with many customers, but know it would be better to have someone who is able to physically be near you and someone you can associate your thoughts, knowledge and encounters with!

This was brought forth by Liliana and designed as a joke, as many people think we are "nuts", but in all actuality, they are the ones not willing to feel and see what is right in front of their eyes and surrounding them daily.

You now will be imparted with a pull that will bring forth someone who understands the occult and magic -- this piece signals a vibal sensation that will draw the kinetic brainwaves that you have with others who channel the same thought processes and will magically bring you together!

So basically this was transpired to bring together people with the same interests, so you will have friends who you can launch powerful experiences with!

2 Nuts in a Shell
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