Doomsday 2010<br /><br />

In today's day and age, nothing seems to be beyond the threshold of feasibility and reality.  Nobody ever thought that American soil was penetrable, but look at the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.  Terrorists can and will find a way to infiltrate and attempt to take over our way of life.  This is why they have moved on to better, but not necessarily bigger things.  Instead of looking over our shoulders, wondering if a 747 is getting ready to wipe DC of the map, maybe we should be taking a new direction in looking for these terrorist attacks.  Maybe, we should be checking out our drinking water, our mail, our fruits and vegetable, and the air we breathe.  <br /><br />

The following information was obtained from an inside source that we have in the Pentagon, who assists us from time to time.  He really stuck his neck our for us on this one, and we are very appreciative.  According to the security brief that was provided to us via our source at the Pentagon, the biggest threat to American civilians does come in the form of a flaming jet or atom bomb.  Rather, the biggest threat to Americans is the fact that more and more terrorist are discovering the usefulness and durability of biological warfare.  It isn’t just groups of Muslims that are picking up on this concept-- they are actually quite new at this game.  It’s actually the elitist terrorist factions that have laid the foundations of biological warfare, such as terror factions in Japan, Russia, North Korea, and  Germany.  The said countries have been experimenting with biological weapons for years now dropping mega dollars on developing what is known as the poor man’s atom bomb.  Now, imagine dropping all that money on investments into something that is relatively cheap compared to other means of terrorism.  The result is a sophisticated mechanism of warfare that has the potential to endangering thousands, if not more, of people.  Look at the apartheid situation in South Africa.  Think that is coincidence?  Now way, Jose...  that was the workmanship of the Russians.  <br /><br />

After further investigation, we have been able to determine that the whole of the situation is controlled by the New World Order.  The briefings didn’t say so, because the NWO keeps their identity under tight wrap.  Or so they think they do.  Fortunately for us, we have successfully infiltrated their ranks in the past-- more than once.  Along the way, we have developed some pretty strong alliances; so it was just a matter of getting ahold of the right people to find out what exactly is going on.  And it is, ladies and gentlemen:  the NWO is at it, yet again. What do they have to gain from all of this?  Well, they drop all this funding into biological warfare, giving all of their little puppets the ability to develop chemical weapons, that will wipe out a large chunk of the world’s population.  It will happen, folks, it inevitable.  Anyway, when this happens the NWO will be sitting pretty, because they will have more dominion over a smaller population, there won’t be as many humans using up Earth’s supply of finite resources (that they control), and they will finally be able to impose their one world totalitarian government that they have been planning forever.  And here’ the best part of it all for them-- they are the rich people, so that means the research that they are investing in have also yielded them a type of supernatural protoplasmic antivirus; so, they get to sit back, in the C Suites, and watch the fete go down.  How nice.<br /><br /> 

Ah ha... but, again, what they don’t know is their ranks have been infiltrated and we have sources within their ranks-- not just one, but several-- that have provided us a copy of one of the original antivirus pieces.  I received the piece as a gift while out with a senator for dinner one evening.  He later sent me an email describing exactly what he has supplied me with.  At this, I busied myself with trying to break down the chemicals in the piece, so I could find out exactly what this piece was about.  It turns out that the NWO has been doing some space exploration as well, because the antivirus protoplasm that inhabited the piece the senator had given to me is actually developed from a substance found on one of Jupiter’s moons. <br /><br />

Using the piece I have came into contact with, I was able to develop a synthetic protoplasmic energy field that will perform the same, if not better, than the original energy field, by adding ionized components to it.  You can see the pieces above, and I am currently working on developing even more pieces.  One piece is enough for one person; the piece will shift the energies in your aura, making your body immune to such biological terrorist attacks.  When shifting the spiritual characteristics in your aura, this piece will also open up your astral environment, giving you the ability to read people better, to get a sense of what others are really all about.  More importantly, your body will be in sync with the rhythm of the universe, so you will obtain the ability of clairvoyant dreams, forewarning out of cataclysmic catastrophes, both natural and manmade.  <br /><br />

This piece is good to have, not just for you, but for every member of your family, because you have to be wearing the piece for it to work properly, and only works for one person.  Pal war.  Preparedness is the number one component of a good defense.  Don’t be left behind in the wake of a deadly biological war.  Obtaining and using this piece will have you ready in advance, Lord forbid anything should ever happen.  You can rest assured, at night, that you are fully protected and isolated from the event.

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