Noah’s Ark was a ship made by Noah and his family to escape the great flood. 
The story tells of Noah taking two members of every species of animal (a male and female) to repopulate Earth once the flood recedes.  

The conceptual desire to link a man and a woman together to breed is one that most of us all hope for. We want to fulfill our sexual desires while being able to reproduce and raise children.

However it is not always that easy. You may be able to rock the ark, but you may not have the ability to naturally have children. Whether it is a fertility issue, or maybe you are a same sex couple... but this does not mean that you are unable to make your dreams come true!

This piece has been designed by Merlin to renew the sparks of energy that will perform the blessings of impact of luck to penetrate your wishes and make them come true!

You now will be able to release the stress, strain and worries that have been hindering you from progressing, and the blissful luck of the power in this item will allow you to find growth for the family you, or someone you know may be looking to have!
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