3, 2, 1 Awakening-- 3rd Eye, 2nd Self, 1 Truth

There is always that little nagging voice within yourself that is telling you, "there's gotta be more to life than this."  Sometimes this voice is so strong that it can be the cause of things such as depression, anxiety, and complete mental breakdown.  It's because the voice that is speaking to you telling you that what you are experiencing in life isn't all that there is to reality is the truth.  Doctors call in a conscious or sub-conscious problem and put people on medication to make it go away, but it's always going to be there, because it's part of you.  If you are one of those people who are always wondering what the point of life is, or thinking that there must be more of a meaning to life, then this this power is for you.  It comes in a series of several pieces.

It doesn't matter how, but these pieces have been taken from the Illuminati and now they are being offered to you.  Within us all there is a second body.  It's an etheric body, that which can also be called the subtle body or the sukshma sharir.  It cannot be physiologically or scientifically studied because it is purely spiritual.  The second body is separate but similar to our own and lives in a part of our body called our third eye and it is our sixth sense.  The Illuminati and other secret societies have known about this connection for a very long time, but have kept these secrets from the general masses for fear of losing power and control if everyone wakes up one day as an enlightened individual. 

These pieces have been blessed with the power of a group of gods who are called the Ascended Masters, which the Illuminati have managed to contact specifically for the purpose of making these pieces.  The Ascended Masters are the leaders of the Brotherhood of White Light and they exist in spirit form in realms apart form our own.  They were once mortal as well, but have received enlightenment through third eye awakening, to the point that they have become gods.  They know the struggle and they know that sometimes in life there are blockages that prevent us from ever attaining this awakening.  We doubt, we fear, we are stressed, we are too busy.  We live in a very busy world, where the human mind becomes duller and duller and by the day.  Gone are the days of meditation and self-reflection, the kind of time that is needed if one ever wishes to open up their spiritual horizon to become enlightened in any type of way whatsoever. 

This is why, these pieces provide a blockage remover and third eye opener.  They are the pieces that have been used in the Illuminati Temples to provide awakening for those people are initiates into their higher ranks.  They possess so much power that they haven't even been entrusted into the lower ranks.  Your piece will provide a blockage remover that will remove all negative things from your being that have ever kept you from becoming a spiritually enlightened individual.  Then, it will open your third eye-- the corresponding part in your physical body where your second body lives.  This will give allow you to perceive the world in a different light, the way it was meant to be perceived.  You will be able to see things beyond the scope of physical senses and capabilities.  You will find that you will be able to real other people's auras, see into the souls, and read their minds.  You will be able to see into spiritual dimensions and speak to spirits from other realms.  They will act as your spirit guides and bring you magic, knowledge etc.  You will receive clairvoyant messages from spirits and gods of the other side via visions and dreams.  You will be able to see into your own previous life-cycles to exist a whole individual, not just in shards of your mortal memories.  It provide you with a 100%, COMPLETE third-eye awakening, the type that will help you figure out what life-- and the point to existence-- was meant to be.  

The piece that we have left for this listing is 925 Sterling Silver.

3, 2, 1 Awakening-- 3rd Eye, 2nd Self, 1 Truth
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