3-16-09 PICTURE OF RING AND CHAIN COMING. THE RING HAS THREE HEARTS AND THE CHAIN IS ALL GOLD TOO.Hearts of Enlightenment The Hearts of Enlightenment hold three spirits, one of a mermaid, another a fairy, and last a realm traveler. First the fairy, her name is Ali. She is a passion fairy. She was one of the greatest spell casters of her time. She had great beauty and prophetic dreams. When her love Vann died she trapped herself inside the heart, hoping that somebody else could use her powers to find a love as great as the one she had The second being is a realm traveler, she called herself Misc. She could travel between realms. She brought peace and serenity wherever she went. She had the power to turn the skies purple if she wished. Misc brought prosperity as well. Anybody who has a kind heart can use her powers freely. The third was a mermaid, her name is Sous-Marin, which in French means deep sea. She was born off the coast of Europe. Her mother swam the rivers of France. Sous controlled the waves of the water and mind. She could also control time. She shape-shifted as well. Her mother was so jealous that she trapped her in the stone and through it to the bottom of the ocean. A soul collecting witch had found the stones and bind them together for greater power. She passed them down for generations until it was stolen by a dragon who liked the looks of it. Now its here.THIS ITEM IS REAL SOLID GOLD AND ALL THREE BEINGS WORK TOGETHER. SOUS-MARIN IS VERY GIFTED IN WISHES AND WEALTH AND IS MUCH BETTER THEN A DJINN.
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