3 Crosses Ring

3 Crosses Ring

3 Crosses is an exclusive piece that symbolizes Jordan, Calvary and Golgotha a hill outside ancient Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified.

We are  proud to offer this unique sterling piece which has been blessed with genuine Holy Land Water and Holy Soil~! These supplements were placed inside the band and on the crosses to symbolize the rock that Jesus prayed on at the Garden of Gethsemane and the Holy Jordan River Water Baptism purity.

A supplemented piece venue of divine glory is what will come forward when you wear this piece. This is a connection piece that will bring you closer to Christ and enrich your soul with the imperial wisdom and truths of our ancient history. Many people are confused by the context of the Bible and have questions about the scripture --- and with this ring you will be blessed with enlightened dreams through the divine regiments of power that will impart grand wisdom and united fronts of strength and power into your physical life.

The enriched connection that many have prayed for, is now available to you when you wear this distinct and honorable piece of pure divinity!

3 Crosses Ring
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