3 Sparks of Fury

Have you been looking all your life for a four leaf clover, thinking that it would bring you incredible luck? Well let me tell you something, they are rare to come across, but they are not the only lucky clovers that you can find!

In Ireland there is a famous field that houses incredibly powerful clovers. This is a private field that the public is not able to get into... but Merlin used a spell to allow himself to travel through a portal to end up in this field. He swiped a few clovers and has been using them in a variety of his spells.

This clover charm has been endowed with remnants of the leaves of the clovers and then pressed to make the green gleam!

You will encompass great luck with this piece ... luck in all facets of your life -- especially in the field of finding a job, as all the testers were looking to advance their careers and when using this landed a good promotion, or change in their job!!


3 Sparks of Fury
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