This is 33 orgasms but it is not a sex item. This is sexual magic and what is needed is spoken at the time of orgasm creating exactly what you want.

This works from intentions and in knowing what your doing while practicing it. The ritual is performed in a pyramid shaped room that was specially built just for this. On top of that special entities were conjured to be in the room and facilitate the magic,to take and embed it where it needs to be.

Because of how it is done you can not pick what you want. Each listing is different and the cast was done 33 times,there is so much energy in these!

I have used one but was hesitant at first because on new items that hold no history I just always get that way.

However I can say that these do as they are supposed to do. There is a chain of events that take place in these and they connect with your energy. Because of this you will need to wear them for 3 days with out taking them off.

yes you do get a bingo card with these.

This one is for passion,beauty and sexual attraction
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