33 Powers of the Holy Flame

Each year thousands of Christians will gather in Jerusalem on the Eve of the Orthodox Easter.  The Holy Fire emerged from the tomb of Jesus Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  The flame has been descending on the church for more than 1,500 years and it is believed that during the last year known to man, the holy fire will not light.  The fire will descend upon Jerusalem during a prayer by the Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine.  The Patriarch then passes the the flame to the pilgrim who have traveled to see it.  The Pilgrims will then light 33 candles to commemorate the 33 years of Jesus Christ's life.  The Holy Fire is then taken to other cities such as Moscow and Rome to spread its purification in those cities.  

A few years ago, we had somebody travel to Jerusalem on our behalf to receive the blessing of the Holy Fire.  These pieces were washed or "baptized" in the fire before it was lit.  Such is the custom on this day.  The Holy Fire descends upon the altar and is spiritual form before it is lit.  This is when people wash their hands and faces with the holy fire.  This is how we were able to wash out pieces in it.  The result is a collection of piece that holds powers of the Holy Spirit and the 33 miracles of the Holy Fire.  With the 33 miracles, you will receive 33 powers and knowledge forms.  The following 33 powers and knowledge forms are the ones you get with one of these pieces. 

1.)  Power of Holy Fire Baptism, to give you spiritual rebirth
2.)  Power of Holy Visions, to see all prophecies of God
3.)  Power of Holy Communion with the Saints, to gain their magical abilities
4.)  Power to know all Holy White Light Spells, to be able to say Holy Incantations
5.)  Power to be able to see into the Heavens, to behold the splendor of God
6.)  Power to be able to hear the voice of angels, who will tell you secrets
7.)  Power to be able to travel into the Garden of Eden, in perfect form the way God intended it to be
8.)  Power of Jesus' miracles, so you can perform them
9.)  Power of the Virgin Mary, to be able to birth Holy Lifeforms 
10.) Power of the Christ, to be able to know Christ's struggles and to overcome your own adversity
11.) Power of the Holy Grail, to be able to know the true origins and powers of the Bloodline of Christ
12.) Power of Communion of the Body of Christ, so that way you can become a living god
13.) Power of Angelic Communication, to communicate with the angels
14.) Power of the Northstar, which will guide you in life, just as it guided the Magi to Christ
15.) Power of the Holy Seat, for the ability to sit upon the Throne of God and know all things
16.) Power of Divine Intervention, for those times that you find yourself in tricky situations that you can't get out of
17.) Power of Divine Psychic Awakening, to give you Holy Psychic ability
18.) Power of Divine Wealth, to make sure that your life fulfilled with riches
19.) Power of Holy Trinity, to understand the Holy number 3 and all that it entails
20.) Power of Absolvement, so you are able to clear people of their blockages and give them spiritual rebirth
21.) Power of Divine Ascension, to allow you travel throughout all of God's creations, not just Heaven and Earth
22.) Power of Divine Time, to allow you to travel through out time at your own free will 
23.) Power of the Nephilim, who can provide you with superhuman abilities, such as speed andstrength
24.) Power of Divine Protection, to keep you safe from all dark forms 
25.) Power of the Holy Elixir, to let you change water into Holy Serum that you can drink it to obtain new visions of God
26.) Power of Divine Conquering, which allows you to vanquish all demons, remove all evil, and undone all dark spells
27.) Power of the Holy Tongue, which will allow you speak the Language of the Dead and communicate with all spirits
28.) Power of Holy Sword, which will give you transformation at the End of Time to serve in Christ's white light army
29.) Power of the Bloody Cross, which will allow you relive any event in Christ's life, as if you were actually there
30.) Power of Intercession, to be able to read the minds of others, to make sure they are telling the truth
31.) Power of Divine Love, to help you when you are read to find that one special soulmate to spend your life with
32.) Power of Divine Mutation, which will give you the ability to shape-shift into any form, just like the angels
33.) Power of the Divine Fruit, to be able to travel to and know all of the knowledge that is stored up in the Tree of Knowledge

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33 Powers of the Holy Flame
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