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A shrew from Malaysia generated powers from the materials of the Earth, that surrounded her, and created unique jewelry with them. We uncovered an incredible box of items that were hand crafted by this majestic witch, and they all have shown strong energies within them.

The exertion of power from the magical wood used in these pieces radiates the forces of invoked power based off the species of the materials that she used.

Each of the pieces is hand-made.

This piece holds mind-fazing and erasing abilities. What this will do is allow you to make someone forget something that happened. This is a very empowering energy to have... as you can change the outcome of situations by making bad situations be forgotten. No longer worry about the past coming back to bite you in the ass, as you can cleanse the wrong doings from the minds who those who matter!!

$35 SALE --  ITEM 1
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