$35 Sale --- Merlin's Majestics -- Item 5

$35  Sale --- Merlin's Majestics -- Item 5

Merlin has pulled forth healing ailments that were used to advance generative items of power, and he wanted to make them available affordably for our clients!

Each of these items is only $35.00 --- which is an extraordinarily great value.

These are formatted with the channeling of power from Merlin's magical wand -- which is utilized as a source of strength and conductive energy.

This piece will impart you with the ability to be able to look through mirrors. Dimensions are captured in the reflections of mirrors.... along with the variance of all you see each day, as you look into the mirror and see yourself.

You now will be able to see into the realms and understand the facets of all that is conveyed in the spectrum of the Universe. This ability is wonderful to have!

$35  Sale --- Merlin's Majestics -- Item 5
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