Third Man Factor

The Third Man Factor phenomenon referes to certain reported situations where an unseen presence, mainly spirits and angels, provide comfort or support during traumatic experiences.  Sir Ernest Shackleton wrote about the Third Man Factor in his book South.  He told his account of how an incorporeal being joined him and his two companions, consoling them and helping the through the last leg of their journey.  His admission spawned the coming forward of other survivors who face extreme hardship with their experience involving the Third Man Factor. 

This piece is the embodiment of the spiritual Third Man Factor.  It holds the energy to bring forth the "Third Man".  You can think of this as kind of like a guardian angel that will shine through to you during times of crisis and depression.  Your angel will provide you with an uplift that will help you realize your potential and motivate you to keep on track, to not fall behind and get left by the wayside of life's riptide.  This piece is very good for mental balancing and keeping yourself focused on the goals you have for your life.  In this way, this piece will bring you success in whatever it is you want from life, as well as spiritual protection and guidance. 

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