3rd Pentacle of the Moon<br /><br />

King Solomon and his wisdom and power exerted an almost hypnotic influence over magicians and esotericists since ancient times. Solomon's wisdom was seen as extending to astrology and magic, particularly the evocation and binding of spirits. <br /><br />

By the Middle Ages a whole variety of grimoires, books of ceremonial magic, were attributed to the authorship of Solomon. One of the most famous was the Clavicula Solomonis or the Greater Key of Solomon. <br /><br />

The Greater Key does contain much information on astrological magic. For example it provides a whole list of astrologically appropriate times using the planetary days and hours for various activities and types of magic. You can see the Greater Key planetary day/hour timing. The most important use of astrology in the Greater Key of Solomon are the planetary pentacles. These are similar to astrological talismans and are used for invoking the spirits of the planets. <br /><br />

The consecration of all planetary pentacles in the Greater Key of Solomon is accomplished through one standard evocation. We use a standard astrological consecration when pentacles are cast.<br /><br />

Our informant has cast the power of each pentacle, by not only using the planetary days and hours, but also the full range of traditional astrological elections and the power of astrological magic. <br /><br />

This means that each pentacle contains the full power of a standard planetary talisman because of the carefully selected time of casting plus the individual powers ascribed to each pentacle.<br /><br />

Many places will offer encrypted emblems showing "maps" of the planets on them --- we have noted the energies into facets of pieces that can be worn on a daily basis without bringing about affliction of your intent.<br /><br />

By coming across an infuser who uses the Greater Key of Solomon in his conjunction of power makes the items have the appropriate timing and consecration bringing forth magnificent powers!<br /><br />

3rd Pentacle of the Moon --- When this piece was conducted the formulation brought about protection against all dangers of travel and all attacks by night. There are often people afraid to fall asleep, especially if they are home alone, as they fear harm will come their way --- this piece will interject protection energies to clear all worry and concerns.<br /><br />

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