3RD Temple of Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi,RARE JESUS EYES-SH

This item comes as the result of an investigation into the ancient ruins of the Temple of Apollo, also called the Temple of Delphi.  Actually, the process was less of an investigation and more of a spirit raising type of ceremony. Either way, it proves to be a most powerful piece.  

The Temple, which is current a mere ruin to what it once used to be, boasts a very rich history.  As it stands today, the structure dates back to 4 BC; however, the foundation for the building was built in the 7th Century.  It was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in the 6th Century.  It was then brought to the ground once more by an earthquake; however, just like the powers that are present in this piece, the temple refused to be idle.  It was rebuilt in the 4th Century, and although is sits in ruins, it still sits.  It sits as a constant reminder of not only how powerful and adept the Greek Empire was, but as a portal of great magic that, if you are successful in activating it, can lead you to great powers.

The holiest place within the Temple is where we actually were able to conjure the spirit from which we pulled the powers that were placed into this item.  From a chamber called the Adyton, which in those times were common to all Temples, is where we were able to fulfill our investigation.  An adyton is the name of the secret room that only high priests are allowed to enter, because it is is the epicenter of magic, where they held communication with the Gods, by seeing right into the realm of the Heavens.  More specifically, this Adyton was the secret chamber of the renowned Oracle of Delphi, who is said to be the most powerful and magically adept person to have lived in Greek, ever.

The Oracle of Delphi was also called the Pythia, in refrence to a dragon that had been slayed by Apollo.  She was given her powers through the ageless wisdom of the dragon and a blood alchemy ritual that was done by the gods for this particular purpose.  It was the Pythia alone who was considered the vehicle by which Apollo would command his will on Earth.  If someone should have a question for the Pythia, he or she would bring a sacrifice to a male temple priest, who in turn would deliver the sacrifice to the Oracle, who would then receive the answer from Apollo.     

On the entrance to the Adyton is a script written in ancient Greek that translates to "Know Thyself", a good pre-emptive to the piece that we are offering.  To begin with, we were successful in summoning the most recent Pythia that served in Temple of Apollo as the Delphic Oracle aka Pythia.  We used the ceremony to channel her mortal energy, as she really isn't going to need it anymore.  She's obviously gone to her place in the realm of gods already.  

Using this piece, you will be able to open up your third eye to "Know thyself."  You will be in full tune with your own mind and you own essence of being.  You will be elevated in existence to a state that is like that of the Oracle of Delphi.  You will be heightened into the realm of the ancient Greek Pantheon.  Apollo will give you the answer to all of the ancient Greek Magic that you've always read about was but were never able to come by.  This includes white witchcraft, ancient spells and rituals, ceremonial rites magic, the ability to conjure beings/souls/spirits/gods/angels, etc.  

This item will also allow you communicate with Apollo telepathically.  When you have a question, you can give Apollo a sacrifice-- herbs, flowers, spices, or other naturally occurring elements are perfectly fine, no need for sacrificing rams, etc.  Light a candle and let the energy of the sacrifice mix with the oracle candle.  You will then receive the answer to any question that you have asked Apollo.  To get another answer, you will have to make another sacrifice; however, this is a very strong destiny piece, in that you will be given the answers to the questions you have that will influence your life an lead you to wealth, abundance, supremacy of spirit, magical divinations, etc.-- whatever you want really.  

After testing this piece, I will personally attest to the great powers that it holds.  It is a very energetic piece and using the energies in this piece was really like a breath of fresh air-- very invigoration as this piece is full of life and ready to use!   

NOTE* Why I like this particular piece.  First of all what Steve did not write is this is one of a kind,not his fault as I did not tell him because I wanted an unbiased account of the testing,
First of all this is Sterling silver but inside it holds the wings of a heavenly creature not known here on Earth. This is similiar to the butterfly wing jewelry made back in the day. But as you can see this is a blue like no other and you can see the veins running through it. This color blue is the same color of Jesus's eys and I know this because I saw them. I have never been able to describe the color until now. As you look you can see the energy that still runs through the piece and that is because of just how powerful it is. With this piece is that you cam see directly into Heaven. The Delphi's were given a power directly from God to see the future and how to save oneself if they needed to. My experience with this piece has been undescribable! I have found out important information about certain figures that blew my mind away. In fact I was speaking to someone on the forum about this just last week and will be posting my findings. This is a one of a kind and rare piece. We will never have another like it. Enjoy.
3RD Temple of Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi,RARE JESUS EYES-SH
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