$40 SALE --- PIECE 1

These products have been tested and found to hold a power, energy or ability -- but we were unable to discover the primal history, or area from which they were recovered.<br /><br />

There are times that we find items, but cannot gather the full disclosure or background, but are able to feel the powers and highlight the strengths and abilities. <br /><br />

These pieces are now available at great prices for you!!<br /><br />

This bracelet holds energies to decrease the craving for food. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. The beads bring vitality with endurance and will make your auric energies more thoughtful and sincere.<br /><br />

You also will alleviate stress when things become too serious with the pure invocations that release themselves upon you when you wear this piece!<br /><br />

A must have to stimulate creativity, mental quickness, and the ability to adjust to changes.<br /><br />

$40 SALE --- PIECE 1
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