$40.00 Sale -- Item # 4

$40.00 -- Item # 4

WE have an array of items that are on sale --- these have all been presented to us from Merlin and are declared to work quickly, and work for anyone no matter their level of magical experience!

Many people have inquired about getting an item from Merlin, so he granted us a handful of pieces that we could offer at lower prices, so you can test out his majestic appeal.

This holds the power of seduction --- you will be able to pull in anyone that you desire~!

No matter your looks, your job, or any other facet that normally depicts attraction to a mate, you will be able to generate a connection through the magic in this  piece that will showcase follicles of energy to prevail seductive pulls to reel in the one you want~!!


$40.00 Sale -- Item # 4
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Price $40.00
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