$40.00 Sale -- Item # 5

$40.00 Sale -- Item # 5

WE have an array of items that are on sale --- these have all been presented to us from Merlin and are declared to work quickly, and work for anyone no matter their level of magical experience!

Many people have inquired about getting an item from Merlin, so he granted us a handful of pieces that we could offer at lower prices, so you can test out his majestic appeal.

This holds the power to rejuvenate and relax your body and spirit. In today's society we all seem to be on the go constantly. There is little time for rest and relaxation ... most of us do not even get a vacation --- so now you can! With this piece you will be able to proclaim pure, and essential, elements that will allow your spirit and body to fully rest. You will feel like you had a weeks vacation, when you allow the particles of power in this piece to evade your body~!

Very invigorating piece --- this is great to relieve stress and strain, and will allow you to drop the load of weight that has been lingering on your shoulders!

$40.00 Sale -- Item # 5
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