Amrael, Spiritual Warrior<br /><br />


Spiritual protection is a good thing.  You never know what you could run into, especially if you are constantly doing magical ceremonies, rituals, seances, and other things along those lines.  Close encounters have taught me that I should always carry some type of protection power piece with me regardless of whetting I think I will need one or not.  Refer to the above, where I say you know what is lurking around the corner!! <br /><br /> 


This is a multi-faceted power, because the being that has been invoked into this item is a multi-faceted being.  The name of the being is Amrael .  He is the chief of the twelfth hour of night, meaning he guards the coming of the new day.  He presides the zodiacal month of Gemini, keeping close ties with those people who are born during this month because he has the most in common with them.  He is conjured under the Seventh Seal of Mars, and holds all the magic of the Kabbalah that is found behind it. <br /><br /> 


So, what does this all mean for you?  You will gain the zodiacal magic that is associated with the month of Gemini.  It will give you magical adaptability to fit the bill for any type of magic you may endeavor.  The magic square of Mars will enlighten your ability and understanding of the sacred geometry of the numbers 5, 25, 65, and 325, which will open your eyes to a whole new world of alchemy.  <br /><br />


Lastly, and most importantly, Amrael is summoned for spiritual protection.  He will give you a spiritual shield that will block you from any type of assailant.  You will be protected from curses, hexes, spells, evil spirits, black magic, and more!!  In fact, there isn't any malicious form that will be able to penetrate your shield, which, if you are into magic and the occult, is a huge peace of mind.  <br /><br />

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