7 Seals of Power

7 Seals of Power Ring<br /><br />

The seven seals contained secret information known only to God until the Lamb was found worthy to open the scrolls and to look on the contents. What is contained therein was only for the eyes of the Lamb.<br /><br />

However, through his kindness and willingness to share this information with the saints, we find the conditions and circumstances that would take place in the time frame of each seal. Most of the seals tell of the antichrist's activities and lend encouragement to the saints of each period.<br /><br />

On the cross is Scotland, as it has been proven by world renowned scientists and officials, is the very blood of Jesus Christ. It has been tested over and over again and is proven to be his blood-- no ifs, ands, or buts, about it. With that being said, it is important to note that once his blood type was tested it was a totally different strain than that of “normal” humans.<br /><br />

As time progressed, it was discovered that Jesus' blood was an entirely different strain, altogether. His DNA actually has three helices, instead of two like normal Homo Sapiens. This puts him in a category all of his own, known as Homo Superioris. Jesus is the first and last person of his kind to arise; and by no coincidence. Others similar to him-- there aren't many-- have been detained by the Catholic church. Why? So they can control religion. It's that simple.<br /><br />

People with three helices in their DNA are capable of special abilities. A few of these are showcased by Jesus Christ and are written about in the Holy Bible:<br /><br />

   1. -Spiritual and Physical Healing<br /><br />
   2. -Religious Miracle Work<br /><br />
   3. -Telepathy<br /><br />
   4. -Levitation<br /><br />
   5. -Kinetic Energy<br /><br />
   6. -Energy Absorption<br /><br />
   7. -Matter Creation and Manipulation <br /><br />

As a result of these abilities, the Catholic Empire stepped in and has total control over anyone that has reportedly been born like this. They spread that Jesus was the son of God, which may or may not be true. They say this is why he had his powers. That isn't what is up for debate here, because there was obviously something special about him. Here's the problem, the Catholic church is the hand of one of the largest cover-ups in world history. They have fooled the minds of many, brainwashing them to be their puppets to do what they want.<br /><br />

This ring will give you the 7 mastery powers of the actualization of the seals and lift your levels of chemical transformation that occurs when miracles come forth to perfect imperfection in your life!<br /><br />


7 Seals of Power
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