9 Angels of the Collegiate Chapel of Saint Matthew

This piece comes from an area of the world that is crawling with supernatural and paranormal powers. However, this encounter takes the cake. It is an original piece and houses some of the most old, tell-tale knowledge that can be found. It comes from the Rosslyn Chapel, which is formally known as the Collegiate Chapel of Saint Matthew. It can be found in Roslin, Scotland.

The things is, this place is a chapel, so of course we know that there's bound to be some kind of spiritual divination to be found with in the structure... especially one that has seen as many years as this one has. However, what we found in the chapel puts an end to a mystery that has yet to be solved..

The Chapel was built in 1456 by a guy named William Sinclair. He was a knight and a nobleman. The most interesting part about him is that he is a direct blood line descendent of the Knights Templar and used the powers he possessed to build the Rosslyn Chapel.

In the world of paranormal investigators, and actually more in the world of conspiracy theorists there is a particular legend that runs rampant concerning the chapel. The legend states that there are stone chambers and channels that are present beneath the chapel. What's more is there is a special type of power-- power that has been instilled into the chamber by the hand of God directly. This in Conjunction with the Knights Templar powers, made this place a prime location for an investigation.

Deedee set up a makeshift paranormal research group with correspondents that we have in Scotland. She flew in to Scotland and wasted no time in getting to work. The first day of the investigation simply involved scoping the place out to get a feel for the place. It was work, though, to obtain permission from the Sinclair family, who remain under ownership of the Chapel so many years later. It was done, though, and Deedee's investigation proved fruitful.

On the second day of the investigation Deedee thoroughly examined a series of carvings that are etched around the windows. By using these glyphs she was able to obtain psychic information about the enchantment of the place and what makes it so special.

The unusual markings proved to be very useful. It took Deedee deep into psychic paralysis, during which she visited and took part in the Last Supper, washing Jesus Christ's feet and anointed them with oil. While she was doing so, she touched his robe, which fully healed her spirit.

This act of divination elevated her psychic ability two steps even further. Suddenly it came to her as she washing Jesus' feet in her vision. She knew what the Rosslyn Chapel was all about. She immediately came to, keeping her vision to herself. The only request she had was to remain in the chapel for the night-- by herself. She knew that having others around would merely compromise here newly elevated psychic ability. Reluctantly, the Sinclair family agreed to allow her remain in the chapel for the night, which clearly tells us this piece mus be destiny, because the Sinclair family is usually pretty hard up.

Deedee remained in the chapel, and at stroke of three the bell chimed the time. Just as the last ring was sounding its alarm through the chapel, Deedee caught a glimpse of a woman that she could only describe as looking, “like a Bible lady!!” She followed the Bible lady, keeping her distance so as to not disturb her.

The Bible lady made her way to monument that is know as the Apprentice Pillar. Let me tell you something about the Apprentice Pillar. Nobody knows why is was carved the way it was. In fact, there are no other pillars like it in the chapel. I can even go one step further and say, to date, there have been no other pillars like this one found anywhere in Europe!! The completion of the pillar took 40 years to complete, and bared some sort of significance to William Sinclair. This significance went unknown until Deedee showed up, because Sinclair died before the Apprentice Pillar was even complete.

As I was saying, Deedee followed the Bible Lady to the Apprentice Pillar, where she just up and disappeared. Fascinated by the pillar that she somehow missed earlier that day, Deedee began tracing over some of the carvings that were present. Immediately, her body felt a psychic charge surge her body. She fell into a deep psychic trance. Everything went pitch black and just as soon became so luminous that she had a very difficult time seeing.

Deedee heard a voice to speak to her that sounded like thunder. The voice, who can reasonably be assumed to be God, informed her that the Apprentice Pillar has a great deal of divination in it, as it was designed by William Sinclair on a whim of holy inspiration. Thus, the pillar is God's design. He invited Deedee to look closer and when she did she was something like a lightning bolt flash across the sky and all of a sudden everything went black again, except for what Deedee described as a fire.

In the fire Deedee saw the building of the Apprentice Pillar, all the way back to the 1450s, when it was etched. She watched as William Sinclair gave orders on how the pillars were to be built. Inside the pillar there is a scroll. The scroll gives all the secrets of the Holy Grail. It's a road map to the location of the Grail. It holds all the magic and divination of the Holy Grail. It gives the same powers, without actually baring the Grail, itself.

The scroll in the Pillar is what makes the place such a holy destination. It is divined and blessed and nothing bad will ever become of it. When Deedee came to, out of her vision, she was weak and her head hurt a little bit. However, she found that she was wearing the piece that you see below. It was a piece she quite obviously wasn't wearing beforehand, because she didn't even own a piece like that. She saw her Bible Lady apparition show up once more, smile, and then disappear. That's the last time that she saw her.

As for the piece, Deedee brought it home a whim and we tested it. It holds the presence of 9 angels. These angels will work on your behalf to grant you spiritual protection and divinity. This piece also holds all the powers of the Apprentice Pillar Scroll. It will give you insight into the Holy Grail. It will give you the powers of the Holy Grail. It will unlock some of God's most inner secrets. There's no telling what you can do once you've done that-- perhaps it is the opposite of Pandora's Box.

Moving on, this piece will also give you the ability of pure white magic. Not just any pure white magic, but white magic from the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the holiest, highest white magic that can be practiced and it's yours for the taking. If you have an interest in this piece, simply let me know. You receive the piece that you see below.


9 Angels of the Collegiate Chapel of Saint Matthew
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