Those who write history rarely put in all the facts. It's been proven time and time again. When America was founded, our forefathers of this great nation decided they didn't want the Native Americans around. They committed mass genocide of the Native Americans, lying and calling them savages. However, when Hitler wanted to do it to the Jews, not that I agree with either one of the terrible acts of genocide, it was a big deal? I just don't get it sometimes. However, while on the subject of Hitler, I'll let you in on another secret that you probably aren't familiar with. After World War II, America began harboring Nazis. Why? Well the Nazis could be collected and tried for war crimes. Or, they could be brought to American to finish out their work under the supervision of American Intelligence officials in the CIA. The Nazis worked off their murderous debt... so, we must be talking some serious business here. During the war, Adolf Hitler began implementing different types of experimentation. His experiments included anywhere from genetically mutating the Jews, to dabbling in dark magic to gain even more power than he already possessed. He also dabbled in other areas and possessed great knowledge that the United States wanted. This is why after the ward, some of the Nazi nameless higher-ups were recruited and secretly made part of the CIA. Over the years, a bit of classified information has been developed involving a top-secret space travel program. The truth behind the experiment is documented in thousands of classified documents that have been distributed all over the country. They piece together a map that gives some very detailed instructions into an encounter that won't soon be forgotten. We have obtained copies of these documents. I'm not going to lie. We haven't read them all. We didn't have to. We also received two of these items. We kept one at headquarters and we are listing one to the website. This piece unearths a working that has been completely by the bloodline of Nazis in the American CIA. It summons cosmic force energies to provide communication into space, with an intelligence force that calls itself the nine. They are the nine wandering bishops of a source of intelligence that is deep beyond any form of human comprehension. Even the smartest humans won't be able to comprehend without this item. The intelligence in this item is the truth. It is the truth of existence. It is the truth of all things and nothing at all. It gives you the truth of power and energy flow from all 9 factions of existence. It will give you proof that existence is larger than what we experience here in our world and our solar system. It will give you the knowledge of existence that will help you comprehend that nothing really ever begins and end, everything just kind of is; and it is this comprehension that will allow you to create your own powers, mass, beings, entities, energies, magic, and realities. This piece taps into the 9 cosmic flows of, which is the core of existence, upon which all things have been created and dissipated. It will give you the answers you want to know and allow you into the hub, which is the brain of everything that exists!! This piece is extremely powerful and it takes a special person to master its concepts. However, if you are a magic extraordinaire, like we are, this piece will be the single most enlightening power that you will have ever experience. I guarantee it. It is because of power of the energy in this piece that I'm even alive to tell you about the energy in this piece!! You don't want to let this one slip by! THIS PIECE IS IN STERLING SILVER AND THE STONE IS VERY UNIQUE. IT MIGHT NOT SHOW UP WELL ON THE IMAGE BUT IT IS VERY DIFFERENT. PS. MY FIRST READING SHOULD BE ON THURSDAY. I WILL NEED TO CHECK THE FORUM TO SEE WHO IS UP FIRST.
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