9 Spheres, 72 Names, 13 Star People & a Monk

This is one of the items that we will discuss on the radio show tonight. We got this piece from a homeless man. He was actually a homeles black man with blue milky eyes. We learned about him from a client of ours, who said that the homeless man held an extraordinary power that he needed somebody to take off of his hands. Alas, we went to visit him in the street on the corner where he resides. When we first met the man, he was a little bit intimidating at first... and smelly, but I guess that is to be expected of a homeless guy. He took of his glasses for us to get a better look at him, and when he did we noticed his eyes, which were blue and milky, but also kind of clear. We could see visions in them, like he had been ignited with a visionary magic. Anyway, he gave us this item that he received in a vision that has allowed him to astrally travel to the Himalayas, to a monk that had traveled to a secret cavern within the mountains. When he met the monk, the monk communicated with him via telepathic vibes to tell him that he had made the journey many times to the secret cavern. The homeless guy was completely cured of his blindness for the moment. The monk showed him the relic, upon which thirteen elders in the shape of 13 stars came forward. They represent the original colonies, governed by the Illuminati and Masonic founders of the United States of America. They spoke the secrets of the 72 Powers of the name of God in Kabbalah. These are 72 original powers that were spoken and created directly from the mouth of GOd. The monk then gave the case back the black guy, informing him to take the item with him to use it for his purposes. The energy of the 72 spoken powers of the name of God are also infused into this piece. There isn't much this piece can't do.. after all there is 72 powers of God in it. The power is still alive and very present in the item. The homeless man gave us the piece because he had used it to his full potential and desire. He no longer had a need for it. We also tested the piece. This piece is incredibly powerful and it offers very unique white magic energies that are powers directly from God. This piece also holds the enlightenment. The spheres appear to you psychically, once you have been enlightened via the trek of the Monk and the 13 Star People. It gives you the means of spirituality to rise through and return to a Heavenly state, after recieving the 72 Secrets of the Name of God. The symbolism for these powers is actually hidden on the American One Dollar Bill. One is the base number for everything, because in order to have an amount, you have to begin with one. In order to gain these powers and illuminations, you must begin with the symbolism on the one dollar bill. Over the years, greed has become a way of life. No longer do people strive on spirituality as a way of life. This is why the true power of the dollar bill has shifted to monetary value and the esoteric properties have been completely forgotten about. This piece is ultra-powerful!! Listen to the radio show tonight for more info: www.blogtalkradio.com keyword: hauntedcuriosities
9 Spheres, 72 Names, 13 Star People & a Monk
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