Robert Kupp, who was living aboard a forty seven foot trimaran, was docked at Honolulu’s Alawi Yacht Harbor. One morning he had gotten up early and made some coffee and was lying on his bunk worrying about current events in his life.

Suddenly he experienced a dazzling array of shimmering light followed by an intense tingling of energy, which filled the entire stateroom and engulfed him. His entire body began to vibrate as a beautiful woman materialized in the walkway right next to his bed. His first reaction was believing that he was dreaming or hallucinating. But the woman spoke to him and took his hand. In a matter of moments he came to understand that the woman was real and much more alive than him. The energy aura that she emanated made his entire being vibrate at a level that could only be described as ecstasy. He asked, “Why have you come to visit me?” She replied, “Myself and others like me are friends, and we want you to come to a very important briefing.” Moments after agreeing to go with her, an unparalleled series of events occurred.

First he was teleported to New York City. He then boarded a saucer-like spacecraft and was transported to an extraterrestrial location for the briefing. The extraterrestrials orchestrated the briefing to give him and about fifty other guests a glimpse of Earth’s history. They also showed them a dramatic and vivid view of humankind’s potential destiny. After the briefing, he was asked to undertake a mission. He agreed to publish a story about his experience and to place an ad in a major newspaper, saying simply, if you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work, come sail with us.

Upon returning to the sailboat he realized that only 33 minutes had passed. However from his personal perspective, it seemed like many unhurried hours had been spent with these incredible beings. The woman left a token for him to beckon her if he ever needs help convincing anyone about their existence. He loves the piece because the energy give him a phenomenal blast of opening his third eye, but decided that he needed to share the knowledge with others. Once the eye is open it is open.

Many of course were skeptical of his story in the paper; I on the other hand contacted him right away! I always wanted to go to Hawaii and going for "business" gave me an excuse to take a vacation. I made arrangements to meet with Rob and see the piece. DeeDee made me take Aaron with and that kinda sucked as he is afraid of his own shadow and he likes strange things which makes DeeDee have to keep him under control. You don't want to even know! At this time he is with Shine on some dimensional healing rift, that is what it is called. I don't know too much about it but I sure hope he comes back cured.

The "woman" left him a ring made of crystals that were in the shape of a space ship. It is a unique piece that is very pretty and holds amazing abilities. The ring allows the wearer to time travel, gain knowledge of extraterrestrial life and most importantly, in my book, have intense energies run through your body that will give you astral psychic abilities which are opening the third eye and many others.

The ring will bring the extraterrestrial guide to you and you will learn about humankind's potential destiny. This has been tested, but once you learn the destiny plan you are sworn to secrecy and I am afraid to break my promise. You will have to gain the knowledge on your own by getting this ring!


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