Dorothy Arnold, a young, beautiful, heiress went missing on December 12, 1910. She was last seen on a busy New York City street where she was dress shopping for the upcoming holiday season. She visited stores where the owners knew her and she also had run into several acquaintances who all said she seemed to be in good spirits and did not seem depressed. Dorothy never made it home that night, and she was never heard from again.

The family did not contact the police because they felt with their social prominence that they should conduct a private investigation. The famous Pinkertons were hired to take the case and came up with nothing. Dorothy had seemed to vanish into thin air.

The summer before her disappearance, Dorothy had lied to her parents in order to arrange a rendezvous with a forty-year-old who lived in Philadelphia.

There were rumors that she had gotten involved with drugs and got caught up in a drug ring. We have located a cannabis case that adorns a nude photo of Dorothy Arnold. This antique case is thought to have belonged to her lover, who cherished the case as a secret prized possession of the “missing” woman.

When you open this case you can feel the spirit of love that was so strong as to make an heiress leave her luxurious lifestyle to follow her heart. The shopping spree must have included lingerie because she cast away her family and friends to be with a forbidden lover.

This cannabis case still embodies love and desire and will help clear your heart and make your love life more prosperous. If you are longing for true love, then you need this piece! Let the spirit of Dorothy’s love bring contentment to your life.

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