A Delightful Dozen

A Delightful Dozen

** This piece holds 12 Succubi within it that simply want to have sun, sexual fun!

These amazing Succubi can make all your dreams and fantasies come true~!

They long to be released and to serve you; their master.

Warning: If you are not ready to have your desires brought forth do not read on. They WILL keep you up all night. You will have EVERY desire fulfilled.


These amazing GIRLS are one of the most amazing sex items we have ever come across ---they are VERY talented in the Karma Sutra ( ARE YOU INTO NEW POSITIONS~!?) and Tantra Sex. Yes, they will teach you how to have the ultimate experience and prolonged amazing sex with anyone.

These succubi will not only teach you to perform, but you will have so many partners that you are going to experience the tantalizing pleasure of a lifetime!!

They will not only obey your commands, but will bring you the one that you desire ---they will show you how to please others so that their ultimate desires will be fulfilled.

They will show you how to have multiple experiences!!!

Bound to their master, YOU,  they must obey your commands~!

Are you ready to get all that you desire????

** This is a great sexual item for a horny man --- or a woman who likes to try new things!

A Delightful Dozen
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