A Few More Inches Please... Size Matters!!

Tired of being short? Waiting for that growth spurt to come for too long? Well with the power of this piece, your wait is over! This piece has been empowered by a wizard who cast a "forever growth" spell on it. This magic is normally found in the energies of trees. By taking the growth energies from a tree using a special transferring magic, the wizard was able to give this piece the power to allow the wearer to grow like a tree; constantly growing and expanding. <br /><br />

To gain access to the powers within this one of a kind piece, the wearer must first find a tree, which should not be too much of a problem. Be sure the the tree you select is tall and old because you will be transferring its growth energies into the piece. If you select a tree thats young or short, not only will you not receive much growth energy in the process, but you'll be ensuring that the tree will no longer grow, and we don't want to cheat any young trees out of a chance to become full grown now do we? Once you've found an appropriate tree to use, be sure the piece is on and place one hand on the bark of the tree, and the other over the piece. Once your hands are in the correct places, close your eyes and repeat this line three times out loud. "Oh tall and mighty tree, bestow your height unto me." After repeating the line, the piece will then transfer the growth power from the tree and into the piece. You may notice the piece pulsating with power. Don't be alarmed, this is the piece processing the power that has been transferred. The taller the tree the more energy the piece now holds. <br /><br />

Now that the growth energy is within the piece, all thats left for you to do is wear it! By wearing the piece often you'll begin to become taller at a faster rate, where as if you wear the piece every once and a while you'll only grow a small amount over a long period of time. If you want to become as tall as you can as fast as you can, wear the piece every day for around two months. Depending on how large the tree you selected was, you may have to wear the piece for a shorter or longer time. If after two months you don't see any substantial growth, wear it for a little while longer, and if still no substantial growth, find another tree and repeat the ritual. This piece really works and gets you growing like a tree in no time! I tested this piece personally and went from 5"9 to 6"2! Impress the people in your life with your new height and start looking down on everyone, literally!  <br /><br />

In addition to growing a few extra inches (trust me, sometimes a few extra inches makes all the difference!!), this piece will allow your magic ability to also grow.  You will ultimately obtain the dual magic of the wizard.  The stones on this necklace have been alchemically transposed by the wizard, which means that they hold his presence and power.  Each stone is a collective power that will have you on your way to magical abundance in no time!! <br /><br />

A Few More Inches Please... Size Matters!!
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