A Hoarder of Riches-1/star33

A Hoarder of Riches


In China, there is a spirit that can be found nearly everywhere you turn—it’s called a Taotie and none rivals its greed. The greed that lives within this spirit is so apparent that its presence can be felt almost immediately. Another notable quality to be found within this spirit is that it needs absolutely no maintenance. It is a spirit that likes wealth in the house within which it lives and thus it draws wealth naturally from any source that it can find. It can be said that this spirit is somewhat of a hoarder of riches.


Any that have ever encountered this spirit have encountered a shift in their finances. The longer the spirit is amongst them, the more prominent the shift. There have even been several cases in which a Taotie has influenced one’s finances so drastically that it left the individual with little to no idea about what to do with the newly obtained wealth, after which it continued to draw even more wealth.


This spirit will bring you wealth for as long as this piece remains in your possession. The change in wealth can be seen instantly. Regardless of how wealthy the holder of this piece is, the Taotie will indefinitely seek more and more wealth—it is never content.

A Hoarder of Riches-1/star33
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