A Luscious Bite of Love-- Be the Apple of Someone's Eye

Who can think of anything more enticing than an apple?  It's succulent juiciness as you bite into it and a bit dribbles down your chin.  Taste the sweetness, while you hunger for the next bite.  Now imagine that someone desires you as much as that apple- they can't wait to be with you and hunger for the next time that they get to see you.  Allow, Pomona, the Queen of Apples (and Goddess Nymph) to make you that tempting and irresistible.  In Roman Myths, Pomona is the Goddess of Harvests and Bounty that made the original sour apples sweet and people crave them with greedy eagerness.  Pomona will make the person you want to notice you- notice only you.  They will be so filled with passion and lust that only you can quench and grant them relief.  In addition to having this person yearn for you with a burning like none they've ever known- she can also plant the seeds of relationship and cultivate in this into so much more, if that is your wish.  What you ask Pomona for is entirely up to you.  To receive Pomona's Favour- keep this piece with you, now take an apple and carve the person's initials or name into the skin (of the apple) while you clearly envision them.  Now take the largest bite of that apple that you can imagine that's how much this person hungers to be be with you.  As you slowly and seductively chew, with that picture in your mind, mentally ask Pomona to make your heart's desire- desire you as well.

A Luscious Bite of Love-- Be the Apple of Someone's Eye
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