This pendant is a heart that connects with your pulse to generate a surge of good health and vitality. Our bodies flow changes throughout the day depending on the assets of the affects that we face. If someone makes us mad, we may rage with fury... if we are happy our heart may skip a beat. The flow is changing and can inevitably change our health. Just like when you go in and out from the cold to the hot and get a headache... the natural affects you face everyday are relinquishing ailments on your body, without you even realizing it! This is a piece that will help keep your flow and pulse steady regardless of what comes at you. People with health issues should not be stressed, or be suddenly surprised -- due to the aspects of the change in potency with the natural body flow. You no longer need to worry if your blood pressure is going to spike the next time you get troubling news -- you will be able to rationalize and stay calm in all situations... and keep your body healthy~!
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