A Peaceful Rest

A Peaceful Rest

This item holds an enchanted Sleeping Spell ---  the proclaimed energies from the spell will grant you the ease of resting.

There are many times in our lives when we become overwhelmed with things. Life gets busy and we anticipate things that are coming.

Our minds find it hard to rest when so many things are going on and so trying to sleep becomes almost impossible.

When insomnia continues for too long you become a different person. Your attitude changes, your thoughts are transferred out of context and the smallest things become a big ordeal. Stress and strain take over and remnants of your life and you can fall fast from your highest high to your lowest low!

People do not understand the importance of sleep -- and this item will allow you to get the proper amount of rest and sleep without having you worry about it.

Stop the sleepless nights and embark on a new regiment of power by allowing your mind to function properly without all the overload that insomnia and stress bring!!

This is a fantastic piece that I think we all could benefit from!!

A Peaceful Rest
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