It was around four or five years ago when I first put up a Sin Eater. I had so many emails about it that I could not keep up. Now they are common place on Ebay and many websites. I only sell what I know has experience, never a newly created Sin Eater because there is a difference.

Back in ancient times the Sin Eaters were like Ebay sellers, rumors and all kinds of gossip ran around by word of mouth.  Who was the better eater, who could take away the sins of the just passed on or remove a curse sure to find them in the after life.

Competition was strong and it all came down to money, kinda like it does today. There was not just money at stake but food and in those times it too was  scarce.

The real deal on the Sin Eaters is that they were nothing but good marketers.  They got themselves out there pushing a service to those that held onto a superstition. They did it to eat and they did it to pay rent and debts.

The question is, were they real

They were not in that time but did become so. They became what they were in life now forever in death. It is like karma. But there was more.

Taking the coins and the food off the body all alone in a room they began to absorb the pieces of spirit. it did nothing for them then in life but took on a force once they passed.

Should you find one of old or ancient times you have one the most powerful you can get. I had so many people ask for them during that auction but again I like the real thing, or I should say the older and more wise ones.

This item is not pretty and it is big but the power is unmatched. There is a little point in the center and it will direct power from those it took in as you wear it.

If I dig through my items and I find another I will put it on but I doubt it.

You get what you pay for and with this you will not be disappointed.

This has six outer prongs for the magical underworld of ability. This is a dual item.
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