SURGING SEMINARS For over thirty years Jean Houston, American psychologist and philosopher, has lectured and conducted seminars around the world. She is renowned for her work in exploring myth and transformation! Her approach encompasses music, meditation, visualization, movement and dance. The aspects of her imparted teachings brought personal context to the world, making believers out of those filled with doubt. The proven facts and experiences that she had discovered showcased amazing facets of extreme energies and the implications of bodily changes that can be discovered and redistributed through magic. Over the years she broadened the horizon for many who have struggled with their reason for living -- what was their purpose? why were they born? This question is asked daily by millions, as it is hard to realize and come to terms with your righteous answer! After teaching for so long, she implanted her knowledge and mastery skills of magic into a collection of private stock pieces, we were lucky to get this one! This piece will connect with your spirit and ignite a burning inside that will flood out all areas of grey that are within your soul. You will be awoken to the strong forces that will showcase truths upon your body -- allowing you to transform the conceptual formats of life and learn why you were created!! You will finally have peace with your sole purpose and understand why things happen the way they do, in spite of how we sometimes are affected... this collection of items were very sought after, and we tried for years to get one, so we could see and feel the impressions that Houston relinquished within them. Testers were floored by their personal convictions that came to them when using this piece -- and you will be too!! WE ONLY HAVE ONE OF THESE -- DO NOT DELAY!! THIS RING IS A SMALL STERLING SILVER RING. IT CAN ALSO BE WORK AS A PENDANT!!
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