A Real Mermaid Fin-TOA

Mermaids are very graceful and exotic creatures. Many men have gladly given up their lives just to gaze upon the beauty of a mermaid. Others believe they are only a myth. This piece is undeniable proof that they exist. This is a real mermaid fin! Holding onto a real mermaid body part brings out the most powerful magic of that creature. This mermaid fin is perfect for those who are seeking both beauty and wealth.

This mermaid fin belonged to a golden mermaid of pure beauty. Her name is Violet Lite Seaasoon. She is an immortal mermaid who brings extreme beauty and wealth to the lucky owner. She will bring out the youthfulness in your appearance so not only will you look more beautiful, you will look younger as well. Mermaids are treasure hunters by nature, so she is very skilled with bringing wealth into your life.

A Real Mermaid Fin-TOA
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