A Ring of Two Faces -- Star33

In Latvia around 1840 and 1845, a French teacher by the name Emilie Sagée had been known for appearing to be in two places at once; one student would claim to have just seen Sagée in a classroom erasing a blackboard or grading papers while another would claim to have just past her while walking in the hallway. The reports instilled a strange curiosity amongst the students and Sagée’s popularity grew amongst the whispers and inquisitive stares.


During one of her classes, there had eventually come a day during which Sagée had been simply facing the blackboard writing when a replica of herself had appeared—seemingly out of thin air—right beside her and the pair had moved in perfect synchronization. Everything Sagée had been writing prior had then appeared written twice by the time she had turned around to face the befuddled room of students. There had also been a time when some had seen Sagée walking toward the school about to enter while others had already seen the French teacher writing up the basics of the day’s lessons on the blackboard.


Unfortunately, the students had never been the individuals to find the occurrences either fearsome or nefarious but rather intriguing and exciting. It had been the parents of the students that had not been fond of hearing about the strange happenings and some had even gone as far as pulling their children from the school and transferring them for the sole purpose of getting them away from any potential harm. This behavior, in time, had eventually led to Sagée being let go—it was the only way to appease the uneasy minds of the parents and to quiet the students.


Sagée later revealed that she had lost many jobs due to this decidedly abnormal ability and had only become aware of it all once it had become painstakingly difficult to obtain and keep a job.


Having heard plenty of things about this woman, we had decided that it was worth looking into. After a bit more research, we decided more recently to attempt to conjure Sagée in hopes of finding out whether or not the stories were true and where she had obtained her abilities. It seemed very likely that it had been an ability obtained rather than one she was born with, especially because of the fact that many of the stories revolving around the teacher would suggest that Sagée had been unaware of the ability until her career had begun to suffer from it.


After several attempts to conjure Sagée, she came to us and had not seemed entirely surprised when we had asked her about lore we had found attached to her name. Sagée revealed that she was not certain where or how she had come to have a double but only that it had made her attempts at maintaining a job very difficult, which we had already known.

Despite not being able to give us any answers about where or how she had come to have a double, Sagée had presented us with a ring that bared two faces—one face for each of the doppelgängers. She assured us that the ring was empowered with the ability to allow the wearer to appear in two places at once as she had done so in life, although at will.  

WHAT THIS RING DOES- This ring allows you to at will be in two places. This ring allows you to control situations for the outcome you want to have. This ring also allows you to know things you otherwise wouldn't. Think of the possibilities of this piece.

A Ring of Two Faces -- Star33
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