Spirit of the Necromancer

The best kind of magic is the kind that comes to you when you aren't really looking for it. Some people call it destiny and it very well may be. I call this particular piece chance. I call it chance because I happened to stumble upon this piece in a small jewelry shop on a trip that I was taking to another state.

As you can see, the piece itself is an original piece of jewelry from the early 1900s. It was handcrafted and is of the highest quality. As for the store that I found it in, it was a quaint little place on the outskirts of a town that you wouldn't even know existed if you wouldn't have happened upon it by accident. The shop itself was a dingy little place, barely lit but full of small antiquated treasures.

To be honest, I never meant to stop at this store at all, but I really needed a bathroom break. I stopped at a local gas and go, accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up at the small shop. It seemed as though I was the only one who had been there it quite some time, too. Anyway, this is how I came across the piece that you see here. I was browsing through a collection of jewelry and I came upon this piece and is spoke to me. It pulled me in and gave me visions of another time. I immediately made a connection with the piece, so I brought it home.

After I returned from my trip, I ran several tests on the piece. At that point, all I knew was that I felt a connection to the piece. I wasn't sure what it meant at the time, but this was a piece that I fully inspected myself. I will now attest that I know, for sure, that it is a piece that holds the utmost power of a man that extremely powerful.

The spirit that is inside this piece is that of a man who lived in the 1800s in America. He was a practical magician and at a young age took up the magic known as Necromancy. Necromancy, for those of you who don't already know, is a magic that is used to summon the dead. It can be used for a wide variety of reasons. When this spirit lived in the Earth realm, he used his art to make a living. You can guarantee his magic is perfected and precise.

With this piece, you will be able to invoke the spirit of the Necromancer to perform his magic arts. His form of magic is a dual form of magic, but there is a protection charm on the piece, which will keep you safe from spiritual danger. You will be able to use your power to summon the spirits of the dead. You will become capable of spiritual communication and invocation. With this new power you will able to summon spirits to tell stories of past and to give visions of the future. You can invoke spirits for their power and abilities. It is really up to you.

This is another of my favorite pieces because I love the unusual. The top stones are for protection and the bottom red are for the conjuring and magical ability. These act as sacrifice which is usually always needed for the more powerful magic. You will feel the power change in your body when wearing this ans you can conjure anyway by simply speaking the name of who you need. The object you conjure is in your service until you release them. To release the spirit you simple must state that you are sending them back to rest or unrest and that is how it must be stated.

Through testing the piece shows no bounds so those are up to you,your own boundaries and what you feel is ethical. This is VERY powerful and take what is described to you as serious. The chain may be changed if you wish but NOT the pendant. You may not and can not place this power into another piece ever. If you do it will not work. Some pieces are just made that way and this is one of them. We find that this is usually the case with very old pieces other wise we would place them in new pieces for you.
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