A Smooth Meower

A Smooth Meower
Women are under a great deal of pressure in today's world to be viewed as sexy .. they are expected to shave this, shave that, pluck this, wear this, look this way. Most women are happy to do so because it exemplifies their feminine sexuality, which is a gift from the Goddess. 

Women are beautiful creatures...a work of art~!
This item will work within your spirit body to provide you a silken, smooth body, as you wish. It will organically remove the hairs from your body!!!

This will work on your legs, private area, under arms, anywhere that's troublesome for you within a few weeks, and they will never grow back~!!

Just imagine how much time and money you'll save. It's one less worry, one more way to continue to be fabulous.
It's commonly asked if the energy in this item will remove the hair you DO want. The answer is NO, it will not. Simply state which areas of hair on your body you wish to see smooth forever, and it shall be. This will not make the hair on your head fall out, it won't make your eyebrows fall out. This type of magic is designed to work within your mind's eye, your own, individual desires to produce a lasting effect.
No two women (or men) are the same - Your specific desires shall be implemented through the vortex of your desires.This was tested by all women, but will work for men. 

The full results took several weeks, but the lessening of hair will result quickly as you continue to shave, or wax, until the full immersion of energies preside!
NOTE* I'm not sure of the picture on this item so I will tell you what it looks like. This is crystal and then faux pearl and it has two dangeling crystals. So if it does not show faux pearls in the pic the bracelet will have them.
A Smooth Meower
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