From the Realm of Sylphs & Fairies

Raviniska is constantly on the go, researching and understanding the many realms of the Universe. She read an informative book by Jacques Vallee that led her into the realm of Sylphs and Fairies. She came back with amazing aspirations of their abilities, along with their personal empowered trinkets of enchantment.

Theses pieces showcase the abilities of the creatures of the land; they measure their strengths and prosperity. After testing the pieces we were able to bring clarity to Valles findings.

*They have a nature that is intermediate between man and the angels.

* Physically, they have very light and fluid bodies, which are compared to a condensed cloud. They are particularly visible at dusk. They can appear to vanish at will.

*Intellectually, they are intelligent and curious.

*They have the power to carry away anything they like.

*They live inside the earth in caves, which they can reach through any crevice or air passes.

* When men did not inhabit the world, they used to live there and had their own agriculture. Their civilization has left traces on the high mountains; it was flourishing at a time when the whole countryside was nothing but woods and forests.

*At the beginning of each three month period, they change quarters because they are unable to stay in one place. Besides, they like to travel. It is then that men have terrible encounters with them, even on the great highways.

*Their chameleon-like bodies allow them to swim through the air with all their household.

*They are divided into tribes. Like us, they have children, nurses, marriages, burials, etc., unless they just do this to mock our own customs, or to predict terrestrial events.

*Their houses are said to be wonderfully large and beautiful, but under most circumstances they are invisible to human eyes. Kirk compares them to enchanted islands. The houses are equipped with lamps that burn forever and fires that need no fuel.

*They speak very little. When they do so, when they talk among themselves, their language is of a whistling sound.

*Their habits and their language when they talk to humans are similar to those of local people.

*Their philosophical system is based on the following ideas: nothing dies; all things evolve cyclically in such a way that at every cycle they are renewed and improved. Motion is the universal law.

*They are said to have a hierarchy of leaders, but they have no visible devotion to God.

*They have many pleasant books, but also serious and complex books, rather in the style of the ROSICRUCIANS, dealing with abstract matters.

*They can be made to appear at will before us through magic.

- Vallee, Passport to Magonia

~ By getting one of these pieces you will have a connector to call a fairy or sylph to your side; they will remain with you for a 3-month period. Then they are going to want to move on --- although they may return again another time.

A 3-month period is an incredible time for the mystical powers of your visitor to bless you with intense enrichment. These are orbs of calling and will grant you a personal indicator to advance the magic in your life~

When they come to you they will endow you with many abilities they have cultivated over the centuries. These will include opening of the third eye,telepathic ability,precognition,the ability to heal,the ability to allow the absorbtion of the energy orbs even if spirit. You will gain the understanding of the knowledge they possess as well.
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