A True God of Metal- Sorry Ozzy, It's Not You

Hold a piece of metal in your hands- and you wield the mighty strength of the Ogun- the West African Spirit of Iron.  Not ofiron- he IS iron; he is the Guardian of anyone who works with or around metal- doctors, soldiers, police, welders, machinists, mechanics, and the list goes on and on- any metal or metal implement.  He is considered to be one of the first Gods to create and use tools- and uses them to cut through any obstacles in your path.  His blade can remove large hurdles in your life in one motion or remove smaller one with surgical precision.  His blade may also be used for hunting- thereby assuring that you are never without anything that you desire.  He can use his blade for magic and healing- the same knife that makes sacrifices may also be used as a life-saving scalpel.  The Ogun is the overseer of warfare and conflict- if you have been wronged, he will defend you; if someone is bothering you (life, business, etc.,., he will see to it that they no longer do.  The Ogun may be called upon to help you with any and all aspects of life- he will ensure success, wealth, prosperity, health, protection, anything with which you need help.  The Ogun can be petitioned to assist you by placing this piece somewhere secure and placing any piece of metal next to it- it can be a penny, paperclip, nail, anything- so long as it is metal.  This is how you pay tribute to The Ogun.  This is extremely important- you must replace the metal offering everyday (within a 24 hour cycle) with a new piece of metal.  You must also discard the old one, by returning it to the Earth.

A True God of Metal- Sorry Ozzy, It's Not You
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