This piece is pretty extraordinary.  It has magic and history all wrapped up into one.  It emobides the magic of a place called Uluru, which for those of you who aren't well versed in Australian history is the enchanted Ayers Rock.  I will be referring to the rock as Uluru, because that is what the rock was named by the indigenous peoples who lived there first, before the British decided they were going to try and rule the world.  The fact of the matter is that the rock holds powers and has for since the beginning of time.  The Rock existed in dreamland, which to the Australian natives is what the world was before it was actually the.  It was a time when all was still and formless.  The only that exist that was real were thought forms and magic.  It is the place that is the home of the ancestral beings that helped form the world into the reality that we live today.  It's pretty on par with most of the other creation stories that we read about today-- it's just the way they tell it. 

The rock is the brain behind all of the natives magic, which in my opinion, rivals any of the native magic in the whole world including Native American, Mayan, Incans, and even Egyptian magic.  The fact is that the people who we refer to as "native" are actually the smart ones who weren't dumbed down by an increasing number of technological advances designed at complete mind-numbing and takeover projects by the New World Order.  I'll save that for a different story.  I'm just saying the Natives knew their magic because they lived their magic.

As I was saying Uluru is this massive rock that is the brains behind all of the native magic that happens in Australia.  It is the place that the ancestral spirits have gone to exist until our world, which is just one big gigantic thought form, goes void again.  Then, they will pop out from their rock and exist as free floating spirits with thought forms again.  Until then, Uluru is the only connection the Australian natives have with their ancestral spirits, so the rock and it's powers are treasured.  Every once in a while the spirits will relinquish a gift to their peopel in different forms.  Shamans practice this magic openly, but I'm talking about common people who are constantly in a state that allows them to be able to practice magic 24/7.  Shamans do magic as a profession, but we can't all do this unfortunately. 

This piece contains chips of Ulurua, AKA the Ayers Rock.  It was made on purpose to summon the thought forms of the ancestral spirits.  Why?  Well, honestly, it was made as a homage in hopes that whoever wears the piece will receive a gift.  Whomever had this piece before we did must've have been extremely successful in their magical endeavors, because this piece is very powerful.  Attached to this piece is a unicorn.  Yeah, Australians love unicorns.  They are like everyone's second favorite magical animal there.  Either way this piece summons the existence of a wealth unicorn.  He is nameless, but that is okay because he doesn't need a name.  You can call him wealth if you'd like because that is what he is going to bring you.  He has one of the biggest horns that I've ever seen on a unicorn, and we all know that is where their powers come from their horn, called an alicorn. 

The powers in this piece, rather the unicorn, will float across the surface of the Earth on a daily basis and collect wealth powers.  These powers will ring around the unicorns horn like a game of ring toss.  He will then bring them to you and gather them by your feet.  These powers will be extracted and delivered to you.  You will start to notice the wealth pour in little by little.  Eventually, you will find success in all that you do.  Money will be ample and free flowing and your wealth will skyrocket.  It doesn't get much more real than the powers in this piece.   Extreme wealth??  Yeah, we got you covered!  You won't go wrong here! 

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