It is raining Money/F*

So I am sure everyone knows about the 2 winning tickets from the MegaMillions jackpot that went out last night, it was worth $380 million dollars. We can all fascinate and dream about having that much money --- come on splitting you still won $190 million ~ crazy!

Anyway, we heard of this windfall and then realized that the one winner had a wealth piece from Haunted Curiosities! They got their payoff --- sometimes people are impatient and greedy and that is why they do not have the luck that they hope for, but this customer finally relinquished the power that was instilled in their item.

We have an amazing wealth piece which was recently used to bestow blessings upon a local church in need. The piece was placed in the offering dish and left there for several months --- over that time the offerings increased and blessings were bestowed upon the church. There was an anonymous donation of $150,000, which helped pay for needed repairs to the church.

The pastor was not keen, at first, about us having this piece in the offering bowl, but then thought "what could it hurt?" He knows the church is protected by God and that the piece, if it worked, would be a gift of blessing from God. So the piece was planted.... the church is going strong, and is in good dismay, and so we retrieved the piece. It is now available to you! This is an extreme blessed item of wealth that will work for the person holding it when the windfall is supposed to happen in their life.

This is not a piece for someone greedy or expecting immediate cash --- it could happen in a few weeks, months or even years. The power is evoked and will bond with your spirit to learn your desires --- the power of the wealth spirit will connect and understand how and when money needs to find its way to you. It may not be millions, but you will know when you have been blessed with money when you need it most!

Who knows, your spirit may be extra pure and you might be the next lottery winner!??

This piece is very old and if this is sold out and wish to get one they take about 1 week to do,email if you want one and this is sold out.
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