A Vamp in the Night

A Vamp in the Night

I cannot say for sure where this piece came from.  All I know is that it showed up at my place of residence, nearly a year ago.  I remember it was like ten in the morning, when somebody decided to ring my doorbell, which kind of got on my nerves, but whatever.  I answered the door, and standing there was a delivery guy with a dozen black roses, and a black velvet box with scarlet embroidery.  He called out my address and I confirmed it, then he asked me to sign on the line.  I informed him that there must’ve been some kind of mistake, because people do not send me roses.  He then called out my name, and I shook my head, confirmed my name, and signed his stupid paper.  What the hell was I going to do with a dozen black roses?  I already signed the paper. 

I figured I might as well take advantage of whatever was in the box.  I didn’t know who had sent me the gift; quite frankly I didn’t care.  Whatever was in that box was going to straight to the hock shop, because I needed a pack of cigarettes, badly.  I opened the velveteen box, and the piece that is on display below is what was there.  It looked like it was worth a pretty decent chunk of change, so I was pretty excited.  I threw on a pair of jeans and rumpled t-shirt, fully intending to hightail it down to the pawn shop, collect my loot, and go score a pack of smokes; but when I went to take the piece out of the box that it had come in, I simply couldn’t bring myself to sell the piece.  I’m not sure what it was, but upon touching the piece I felt some kind of chemical spark between the piece and I; I know it sounds silly, but I’m pretty sure I had seen this piece before, like in another life or something.  This is my point-- I had such a strong connection to the piece that I couldn’t seem to let go of it… So, I bummed money from my mom for my cancer sticks and headed into headquarters, so I could see what was going on with this thing that was just sent to me from an anonymous contributor. 

My preliminary testing was useless.  I couldn’t figure out anything.  I was almost sure this piece had some kind of power attached to it; I simply couldn’t pinpoint what this power might be.  I took the piece home with me, because I certainly couldn’t leave it, because my connection to the piece had already reached a point where it was intolerable to have the piece on my person at all times.  I wore the piece around my neck, even to bed.  That night was pretty strange to.  I won’t get into detail.  The important part is that you know that I have never been as free spirited as I was in my dreams that night.  I was visited by some sort of entity and we lived out our deepest fantasies time and time over until my alarm woke me up for the day.  It was exhilarating; and it felt so real—maybe it was. 

I continued to take the piece to bed with me.  Over the following weeks, I had developed a kind of romanticism with the piece.  It’s like I was involved with this inanimate piece.  And the entity always came at night.  I call it an entity, because I don’t think it has a gender; I’m pretty sure the entity is an it, not a he or she.  Its visits weren’t always about sexual fantasies and pleasure.  Sometimes, it would give me advice on what do with the situations in my life.  It and I would be together during my slumber until I awoke, feeling extra refreshed, at seven the following morning.

Our bond continued on like this until one night when the entity informed me that the time had finally come.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was talking about, but I know that I didn’t really much care.  By this point I had developed such a bond with it that I trusted its discretion.  It had already helped me obtain a raise at work, given me a boost of self-confidence, and left my mind feeling less confused than it has always been.  What it was time for, however, I had no clue, but I did not care. 

When the entity visited me that night, it was wearing garb that was peculiar, even for it.  It was dressed sort of like an olden day’s Catholic priest with a warped gothic twist.  It was actually kind of sexy, believe it or not.  The entity informed me that this would be the last time that I would see him in my dreams, ever.  I was devastated, because we had developed such a weird bond over, what had transpired into, the last few months.  It was weird, but it was comforting and I was not ready to let go—I wouldn’t let go. 

Nevertheless, the entity coerced me into going along with what he wanted to do; that is, the ritual that was about to transpire.  It kept on telling me that everything was going to be just fine, that things happen for a reason and this was my reason.  I didn’t understand what he was saying.  That night was very choppy for me.  The entity gave me some kind of drug—maybe the entity was the drug, after all, I had become addicted—and all I know is that I woke up the next day ridiculously late for work and feeling like crap.  I had a miserable day.  It hadn’t even given me a proper farewell, hadn’t given me anything in remembrance of it or anything.  I felt betrayed, so when I got home, I took the piece off and flung it across the room.  When I did this, I realized that I no longer had a connection to the piece.  My connection with the piece had subsided or dissipated; or whatever.  At this point the fact that this thing that had become my deepest sense of comfort and my confidante, over the course of a couple months, was gone, washed away like the sands of time.

I dreamt that night.  I don’t really remember what about.  I know that I dreamt, though.  Not having my companion around made me feel terribly empty inside, like my sleep no longer held a purpose.  I remember crying in my sleep, which is worse than crying awake.  At least when you are awake, you can cry yourself to sleep.  I deeply missed my comfort.  My alarm went off at seven the next day, and I reluctantly, and with nearly zero energy, pulled myself out of my bed and to work.  Another miserable day passed, and I went home to relax, but couldn’t seem to get comfortable.  The weather was ugly and dreary and I didn’t feel much like doing anything, so I pulled out a back issue of Cosmo, found my Snuggy, made a mug of hot chocolate and settled down to read.  I found my eyelids were extremely heavy and before I knew it, I was passed out on the sofa.  My surroundings were different this time, though.  They were much like before, when the entity would come to visit me.  I looked around my dream realm, discovering my surroundings, searching for answers.  After long last, I couldn’t find my companion.

I awoke disheartened, but it didn’t last long.  Lying next to me in my bed, in full human form was my companion.  It turns out that what the entity that I was seeing was actually and ancient vampire prince.  The piece had brought him to me, and now I had brought him to life.  Here he lay, next to me, in flesh and bones.  I was in wonderment as to how it had all transpired.  From what I understand, the “drug” he had given me was actually vampire blood.  The blood hadn’t turned me into a vampire, rather a super human who would display all the best characteristics of a vampire.  My steadfast faith in him, along with the fact that the blood cocktail had vested a power in me that gave me the capability of subconsciously conjuring his spirit, combined to incarnate him into the Earth realm.  My choice to change would come later, but I didn’t want to think about that right now.  I was thinking about how perfect this whole situation turned out to be, and all I desired was the presence of my companion.  I turned to him and wrapped his body around my own, pressing my face into his chiseled chest.  Needless to say, I had the best night of sleep that I have ever had in my life.

He was still there the next morning, and will always be.  I still haven’t been able to find out who sent me the roses, in the first place.  If you are reading this, thank you.  You can send me flowers any time!!  Chances are you are not, so let me continue addressing everyone else.  The piece that was mailed to me is no longer a necessity of mine, for obvious reasons.  I’m sure you can see for yourself that the piece works rather splendidly.  The piece itself doesn’t really have a classification, because it is so many things rolled into one.   It will read you; then it will reach across the realms and find the perfect match for you, attracting a vampire entity to serve as your companion.  If you are already in a relationship, it will bring you a best friend, kind of like the vampire version of a guardian angel.  The truth is that the entity will conform to your own personal needs (i.e. gender, age, personal needs, etc).   I needed a rock, someone to be there for me for encouragement and inspiration… and um, other personal needs that we won’t get into.  So, that is what I received.

With that being said, you will receive whatever it is that you are at a need for in your life.  Your entity will appear to you somehow.  Again, this is customized to your personality.  Dreams are very symbolic and meaningful to me, so mine came to me in my dreams.  Maybe yours will just walk right up to you.  It depends on the person.  Your entity only reserves the ability to change you at your request and will not do so unless he or she feels that you are ready to move on to that level.  However, you will receive the full abilities of your entity when your entity chooses to reveal itself to you.   It depends on your progress, because, remember, your companion is fully customized to meet your individual needs, not anyone else’s needs.  For instance I obtained abilities that include mind rolling (a form of mind control), mesmerizing, and heightened sensual awareness, among others.  I also inherited such psionic abilities as mind reading, telepathy, and liquid crystal visualization, which allows you to see the future on blank liquid crystal display screens.  It’s really pretty cool. 

The powers you will pick up depend on your chemical makeup, your mind’s ability, your mind’s energy field, and the color of your astral aura.  A degree of power is guaranteed with this piece, though.  I have a friend, Janice, who used this piece and now she is extremely wealthy and she can levitate; so who know what it will bring you.  One thing is for certain, though.  Your entity will remain faithful to you, regardless of the circumstance, because part of this piece is a companionship piece. 


A Vamp in the Night
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