A gift in stone from the Tree of Life - RR

This is another of my best and most powerful items I have. It was named A gift in stone from the Tree of Life and is an extremely powerful white light item that I must add a disclaimer to. First let me tell you what it does or can do.

Basically it does a few things. First if you will it to with a honest and pure heart, it will catapult you on to the path of your truest desires. Second it will bring wealth. Wealth you need to start and continue on your path and as you grow on your path so will your wealth and all that goes with it.

If it is your deep desire to become a healer, doctor, politician, writer, or say even a true prophet, you can achieve it or any combination. Whatever your dream is, big or small.

It has what's called a odic shield for protection from all unwanted spirits that try to keep you off your path and hold you back in life.

This also does physical, mental and spiritual healing for yourself and others. It will reduce stress, help you find absolute stillness in meditation and can also cleanse the soul. It can be used in combination with other items without any problems.

You do not have to wear the ring in order for it to work. Your ownership is all that is needed. It is well over 300 years old and in silver.

DeeDee has also offered to give the new owner a free reading after purchase which will be a great help.

Now for the disclaimer - This is Godhead placed power that is very powerful! If you stop using the gifts received from this power for the good of yourself and others, such as for selfishness, greed, indifference to others, straying off your gifted path and taking advantage of what you have been given, not being thankful etc. ALL WILL STOP. Things will come to a screeching halt and you will loose what you have gained until you make things right. Believe me it will happen. There is no getting around it with a item like this.

Thanks for looking

***** PLEASE NOTE! *****

Nothing I am selling is for entertainment purposes!!!!!
A gift in stone from the Tree of Life - RR
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