This is a very simple piece that was made for us by a South American witch doctor or Shaman or whatever you want to call him.  He wore on of those masks that kind look like the ones on the old school video game Crash Bandicoot.  It was actually pretty neat watching him and his council do this dance to summon the spirit of a creature that is known as the Abchanchu.  Although, I couldn't really tell what they were saying-- and by couldn't really I mean not at all-- I tried to sing along the best I could, which were basically just sounds I made at the base of my throat by straining my voice chords.  The Gesture was appreciated by most and the dance went on. 

As a result of the dance, the spirit of the Abchanchu was summoned into this collection of items.  Well, there is one Abchanchu spirit per item, not just one spread across the lot of them.  What good would that do anybody?  Either way, these spirits were summoned into each individual piece.  The Abchanchu is a vampiric spirit, much like that of a sanguine vampire.  In fact, they hold all of the same spiritual and metaphysical values and properties.  The thing about the Abchachu is that they hide in the jungle in the form of an old, incapable person.  When the unknowing person comes to offer assistance, the vampire leaps at them, knocking them unconscious and drinking their blood.  This is how they survive and most importantly, how they gain the energy to practice their magic.  With that being said, since the vampires are in their spirit forms, they have no need for blood to survive.  That means that what you are left over with is a vessel that contains nothing but metaphysical energy power. 

When wearing this piece it summons the spirit of your Abchanchu.  It will come to you devoid of any type of form.  You can have it take whatever form you want it to take.  You are in complete control at this point.  The Abchanchu will bring with it all of its sanguine forms of magic, which it will give to you so that way you can use them in the mortal world.  By sanguine, I mean full sanguine ability and you all know what that means!  Power at it's best!  Don't hesitate on these items!  Secure yours today! 

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